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Get to Know Me

Certified Executive Coach, ACC, CVACC, ICF

Experienced Executive Coaching and Leadership Professional

Hi there, I'm Todd H Mosher, executive leadership coach, strategic planner, career and life enthusiast! 

I've gained over 35 years of executive experience in Corporate America. I understand the mindset needed for sustained long-term growth, having worked my way up the business ladder from a restaurant dishwasher to a successful vice president. I also draw from my experience working with non-profit groups, having been Chairman of the Board for Easter Seals. My range of expertise across many business disciplines and at all levels of executive leadership allows me to easily move between the entrepreneur, franchise, and multi-unit space. Whether you are looking for executive coaching in a one-to-one, group, or corporate classroom setting, I have the capacity and knowledge to bring profound insight into your life.

The essence of my professional coaching and leadership work is to facilitate continued growth by enabling you to identify your core challenges and confidently overcome them. I specialize in creating customized plans that provide the right tools to guide individuals and companies in achieving their main objectives and reaching their full potential.

I will stretch you further than you’ve ever been, because I understand first-hand the professional blocks you are experiencing now. 

I will help inspire you to achieve unparalleled SUCCESS in by empowering you to realize your vision.

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